Smart Glasses Here We Come

AR GlassesProbably the most exciting part of augmented reality is how AR glasses, once perfected, will totally change our lives. Image 8k or higher perfect visual overlay, bone conducting surround sound and a perfected interface and voice commands. Bye bye TV’s, bye bye phones, will be the first major impact however its going to totally reshape our lives. Just walking down the street seeing overlaid signs, adverts, information, maybe even painting out that grey rainy sky with a lovely sunny cloud free view.

We did wonder how long it will be for AR glasses to arrive for the masses. We had hoped Microsofts HoloLens would be the one to lead the charge but after years of release they don’t appear to be focused on making this small, lightweight and aimed at the general consumer. Just last week, with Apple Glass being leaked, we now hope this will spur on other manufacturers to get in the game (personally looking at you Samsung).

Here’s a great post we spotted about this very subject – let us know what you think.